Thursday, February 27, 2014

Getting ready to buy an RV

Let me just start by saying I've never even been in an RV before last year. Growing up, my family did a lot of camping, but we did it the old fashioned way with a tent and a campfire. I like to think and live differently than what normal society expects of me, therefore, I got this great idea that I should live in an RV. I've been living in an apartment with my boyfriend for about 8 months now and he's totally into the idea as well. He also, has no experience with RVs but is a great mechanic and knows how to fix or build anything.

Right now I work in an office, and he has his own company fixing and detailing cars. It will be interesting to see what my co-workers think, although, I'm not planning on running through the halls telling everyone. I'm also planning on eventually quitting my office job and starting my own company in the Stand-Up Paddle world. It's getting big here in San Diego and I think I could make a decent living while having a blast.

Last weekend we decided to go to an RV shop just to look and get an idea of what we want, how much space we'd have, what to expect to pay for an RV etc. We walked into a brand new, Mercedes Benz 24' mobile home just to dream and an old man was sitting at the table waiting for the sales rep to come back. He was in the process of buying his dream RV and told us we couldn't have it. We told him he had nothing to worry about because it was WAY over our budget. He was a nice old man and after we talked to him for a bit he mentioned if he bought this Mercedes RV, he would need to sell his old 1999 24' Minnie Winnie.

Long story short, we went over to his house later that day, took it for a test drive, and although we're not quite ready to get rid of the apartment and everything in it, we decided to buy it. While I was at work, my man went and gave the old man a deposit. We'll have the rest of the cash for him tomorrow. We're both taking the day off tomorrow to go play with our new toy for a three day weekend.