Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The first week

What an amazing, exciting week! First off, we had to return Pablo because of some behavioral issues. He's a big puppy in a small space. We took him out a lot but even still, he was chewing on everything. He also loved to run after bikes and runners which was a problem when I wasn't paying attention and holding his leash tight. He ran after a runner wanting to play and ended up biting the guy's arm. We can't be dealing with issues like that right now and, unfortunately, took Pablo back to the shelter. It's actually been much less stressful without having to take care of him.

Anyway, the first week of living in the Minnie was great. We didn't feel homeless, and it didn't effect any of our normal morning workouts, weekly soccer games, or our work schedule. We have learned a few things though...

~We HAVE to be clean and organized. No more leaving clothes or backpacks on the floor. With almost no extra space, everything has to promptly be put away in its correct spot.

~We use A LOT of water. We only have a 5 gallon fresh water tank because if how the previous owner changed it. It would surprise you how fast that 5 gallons disappears and we haven't even used the shower yet thanks to the locker rooms at my office.

~We're learning that we need to be resourceful. In such a small kitchen, for example, I don't get to have all the pots and pans and gadgets that I'm used to having for cooking meals. Instead of cooking zucchini for a soup on a frying pan, I baked it.

~We were mis-informed that the whole thing had to be level for the refrigerator to work. Because we don't have any leaving blocks or lifts, we haven't had the fridge on all week and just used the fridge and freezer at work. With a little trial and error, we learned the fridge definitely works even if you're not level. Now my man is happy with his cold beer!

~How to clean out the water tank and water lines. Our water stank like rotten eggs. With some quick research online we figured out how easy it is to clean the water lines. Basically all you have to do is just run water through all the pipes, once with fresh water, once with a little bleach in the water, an once or twice again with fresh water. Smells so fresh and so clean!

Here's a shot of the Winnie and our SUP boards living at the beach for memorial weekend.

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