Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Trash to Cash

When we moved out of our apartment, we had to get rid of a TON of stuff. Most of it got donated to Goodwill, while we sold some of it to second hand stores like Buffalo Exchange or Play it Again Sports. The rest of our stuff went into storage. We had some nice furniture, all of my man's tools, and some other nick-nacks, that we weren't quite ready to get rid of.

This past weekend, we decided to pack most of it up since we haven't touched any of it since May and sell it at the swap meet. On Friday after work, we filled the truck up with things like sporting equipment, motorcycle accessories, household items, a TV, lots of tools, until we couldn't stuff anything else in the bed.

Saturday, at 4am, the alarm went off and we sleepily got in the truck for the hour drive down to Chula Vista (basically Mexico). When we got to the swap meet, there were already tons of cars in line waiting to get in to sell their second hand items. Most people were sleeping in their cars, or watching movies on their phones. As soon as there was a ray of sunshine, people started rustling. They were walking around to go to the bathroom, get a donut and coffee from the food truck, or eying all the stuff that everyone else was ready to sell. A guy sold a bike out of his truck bed next to us before the swap meet even opened.

The gates opened at 7am and everyone turned their trucks on to get as close to the preceding car as possible like it would get them in the gate faster. Pay $15, get an assigned spot, and good luck getting to it without running anyone over. I was so glad we have a cover over the bed of the truck because people were trying to buy things before people even got to their spots. Someone came up to my window asking what we had to sell. "Do you have any shoes or baby clothes?"

As soon as we parked, people were surrounding the bed of the truck waiting for us to open it. Once it was open, some people just looked and left, but most just started grabbing things and moving them to the side to see what else we had. I sold a few things, but my man was doing all the work.

We left around noon with about $600 in our pockets. All of this 'stuff' that we were paying to just sit in storage. We haven't used any of the things we sold in 6 months so we won't even miss them.

Think to yourself... "Do I really need all this stuff?"

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