Friday, May 9, 2014

30 days notice?!

The time has come and it's going so fast. We put our 30 days notice in for our apartment two weeks ago.

If our landlord can find someone quickly, we'll actually be out a week from tomorrow. This means we have to do something with all our extra stuff, get the RV ready, super-clean the apartment, and get our mindset ready to live in the RV. We have stayed in it for a few different weekends but that was only one or two nights at a time. I'm getting a little stressed with the time crunch knowing we have to go through everything that we own to see what stays and what goes. We plan on getting a storage space to keep all the furniture for now so that  will be easy.

We also need to get the RV ready. The owner before us used it as a mobile office so he took the couch/pull-out bed out to replace it with a desk. It's totally livable right now, but we'll definitely be making some changes along the way to customize the space to our liking.

List of things to do this weekend
  • Downsize(Sell/Give Away) - clothes, kitchen accessories, extra bed
  • Start packing - furniture and things we won't need for the next week or so that can go in the storage unit
    • But first, we need to get a storage unit
  • Find and install a new couch/pull-out bed
  • Figure out where our mail will be sent
  • Start organizing budget and reading more blogs for tips

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