Friday, May 23, 2014

The First Day

So the first day was quite an adventure. We woke up early to finish getting the apartment cleaned which we had been doing all week long in the evenings. The local Camping World was having a sale and free lunch starting at 11am so our goal was to turn in the apartment keys by then. 

After sweating all morning and getting a free lunch, we were on our way to the beach for the day. We decided to stop at the animal shelter like we do quite often just to look at the dogs. And, as you might guess, we came home with one. He was just so cute and sweet with those sad puppy eyes. He was practically begging us to take him with us. 

To get to know our new puppy, we walked down by the beach with Pablo, the 7 month old Pit/Lab mix. The shelter mentioned that he interacts will with other dogs and people and we didn't notice anything different while walking down the busy boardwalk. We decided to spend the rest of the afternoon at the dog beach in Del Mar and Pablo did wonderfully.

It's a big adjustment, but we look forward to getting acquainted in our new home with our new puppy. Isn't he just the cutest?!

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